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Condensed milk, the benefits and harm

What is condensed milk, the benefits and harm to the human body, as well as what are its medicinal properties and what exactly is this product useful for human health? These questions often arise from those who care about their health, lead a healthy lifestyle and are interested in traditional methods of treatment. And this interest is understandable. Maybe in this article, to some extent, you can get an answer to these questions.


Oh, what a sweet word - "condensed milk." For many of us in childhood, it represented complete happiness. We could eat it by banks (if allowed) and at any time! And now we often want to pamper ourselves with this sweet delicacy and with it, as it were, to return to a serene childhood again.

Condensed milk was invented at the beginning of the XIX century by the Frenchman Upper, and for the first time it went on sale in America in 1856.

In Russia, it began to produce in a small factory near Orenburg in 1881. Thus, condensed milk is over 200 years old!

The composition of this product is very simple - only milk and sugar. Sugar is dissolved in milk, and then evaporated for a long time at a temperature not higher than 50 degrees until the required thickness is obtained. The result is a product with a moisture content of up to 26%, sugar in the amount of 43, 5% and fat content of 8.5% or more. One can of milk contains 1200 kcal. According to GOST, condensed milk should not contain any other components, because it is a baby food product!

Condensed milk is considered the most useful sweetness, because it contains a lot of calcium and other useful minerals and vitamins, but unlike other sweet foods (cakes, marmalade, sweets and other confectionery), it does not contain yeast and food additives. Thus, natural condensed milk has many useful properties inherent in fresh milk.

Useful substances contained in condensed milk, improve brain function, strengthen bone tissue and a positive effect on cellular metabolism. One of the beneficial elements of condensed milk is calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth. The use of condensed milk is also in the fact that it restores blood, boosts immunity, normalizes hormones. Condensed milk in the shortest possible time can replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals in the human body, raise the tone and ensure a surge of strength.

But the presence of useful properties of condensed milk does not mean at all that it should be eaten by cans, since excessive consumption of condensed milk can harm the human body.

This condensed milk should be white, with a slight creamy tint, uniform, thick and have a creamy taste.

Condensed milk, although it is canned food, is very demanding on the conditions and shelf life. It should be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of from 0 to 10 degrees and not more than 12 months.

Any violation of these rules (increased or decreased storage temperature), loss of tightness of the packaging or storage time makes this product unsuitable for food.

If, opening a can of condensed milk, you notice that it has begun to crystallize, lumps or mold have appeared in it, and the can itself is swollen, immediately throw it away! Eating such spoiled milk, you risk to be in a hospital bed for a long time and significantly undermine your health.

Dietitians advise eating condensed milk not as an independent product, but in combination with other products, such as pancakes or fruit, and drink it with unsweetened tea.

Know the measure! Many of us are accustomed to eating condensed milk with large spoons and in large quantities, while the daily rate of consumption of condensed milk is only 2 tablespoons!

There is a lot of sugar in condensed milk, and, naturally, it is very high in calories.

Condensed milk is contraindicated:

overweight people;
with obesity;
with diabetes mellitus. Excessive consumption of condensed milk can cause caries.
Condensed milk, alas, is the most falsified dairy product - more than two thirds of condensed milk is fake!

According to GOST, the present condensed milk is called “Whole condensed milk with sugar” and cannot be called otherwise. If you see jars on the shelves with the name: “Condensed milk with sugar”, “Condensed milk” or “Condensed milk with sugar” (many options), despite the blue-white label you know from childhood, you know - there is a fake in front of you!

In order to reduce the price of this condensed milk, instead of natural milk fat, various vegetable fats are added, for example, palm oil, which is harmful to the human body, as well as various nutritional supplements.
In addition, real condensed milk should be packaged only in cans, no other packaging — plastic tubes, cups, etc. — is allowed.

In order to maximally protect yourself from fakes and not to harm your body, carefully read the label. Remember, if the composition of the product, in addition to milk and sugar, includes something else - this is a harmful product!